He didn’t Accept the Minister’s Friend Request…

Then, while walking the streets at night. And stood in front of an auto. Like a thick with police hunkarera asked, “What do you love walking on Facebook?
Jbi Sir, I love walking. Pikacarata are taken with DSLR. Kartesi sitting Dad!
Your eyes are red, why? What’s up?
There are more reasons to be prthibite red eyes. Lonely man, like you, I do not have one. The night is filled with youth. A bad age. No one is red, and the eyes of the youth!
Yaubana eye is bloodshot eyes?
-is About this poet Goon said, “Your eyes are so red, why?
He cupa. There are strong allegations against you. Of course you’ll have to go with us to the police station, when he did not go? I’m not superhuman like to save invited.

They did not wait for me growing up. Cyandola broke the CNG. I was in the middle flanked by two policemen. It seems nijike VIP. Two police hand nose. A bidaghute flavor. CNG driver’s nose out of hand. I asked him –
Mama does not smell?
Nake hand, why not? Men do not see the hand became nose.
Nake hand shall exercise happened to the car? How long does it take a bath?
Oops, did not take a bath in the last few days. Qn looks awkward smell. Just think hale Wow!

A bulb overhead. Perth sits in front of the station. What he has to say honestly. I do not have much time to wait.
Mr. partha tell what happened? Go home to have a shower. Do not be afraid, you are safe
Mr. Partha went aback. With eyes coming out of the forehead.
There are serious allegations against Sir.
I killed my knowledge murder, enforced disappearances, banditry, rape and did nothing
-You Did not Accept the minister’s friend request.
Sita Mr. Minister? Facebook is the minister? Did not, was inappropriate, I feel very bad, Mr. OC, having the desire to block himself.
-You Know, you talk more?
No I do not know, no one’s cooking tests can not determine a cook, how to verify that a writer can ever written. So I say to the ones that I do not understand it.

I was brought a laptop. I got some new technique of hypocrisy. I’m going to follow the style of the invention have established itself as a modern invention. It was not too hard. God sent me to Humayun’s emotions people have about the particular invention. I was surprised to see the minister at the moment has gone.
-You Hadena Why?
Because I’m a father, walking, walking, parents can not run. The people on the run after run and walk. See the awkward scene. I think I saw someone running from the throat and stole jewelry and locals are chasing me.
There are several complaints against -Your. Eighteen-year-old girl on Facebook “mother” call.
I would welcome the break as a month ago, a woman in a midnight knock on Facebook, said “hi hata baba”
I said, “Yes, Mom”
Mandy That was angry. Or her mother was too old. The strange girl. If the age of the mother who knows how Facebook ID has been opened! This information must be made to the police, “Mr. Partha saw, I said, Yes, the mother of the girl, he was angry and told her mother was too old. But I can not open an account on Facebook, eighteen years before. If you are not too old to his mother, he opened fraudulently Facebook account. It needs to be investigated. I began to investigate the status of the bear ”
The chief was furious Perth. I think I’m going to continue to be successful, “do you hear someone walking in the running of the parents. The girl was the daughter of the minister. Accept or not the minister’s friend request, but sent his daughter, the friend request.
Mr. See-chief, I’m not gay !! Normal.
Perth’s ultimate angry “You Can not the minister Caroline Accept friend request?
Perth voice became emotional. I think my friend is talking to me. I replied, “Look, man, you are wrong bujhatechisa Perth. Friend of mine was actually 5 ”
Esaba What?
When he was angry, but could not do anything. Accept, Mr. Minister, he has commissioned his friend to the request, not to kill. Perth has so far closed mukhu poor. It is difficult to say goodbye, I do not know. I had to login. Now you need to delete a friend, Mr. Ed or the minister is not pasibala. I let anaphrenda itself. But his friends do not see myself getting the list and delete the ones made in anger, grief, and anger. Mahendraksana now. Hasihasi the chief minister’s talking to Perth. Mr. Minister immediately sent a friend request.

Minutes later, the phone could be heard in Perth. Yes, sir, yes, sir, he said, troubled. Phones With “hada father, Sir hada parents sent a friend request. Accept the fast “. The man walking the father can not pronounce. Hada pronounced parents. Walking term owners, not hemta! Would enter into force at the hemtaya. Friend request has confused the two. The first minister. Another Osman!

Police in Perth are very worried. The first thing I’m going to delete phrendalista than a friend about it. Accept Friend request, I could not decide what he is going. A husband has the two badhu. After the phone call is a jayagamantri asked two friends. The parliamentary sub-committee on the problem is gone. Meeting called on the Ministry of Information. Who is expected to be known in the night will Accept Friend request. SM: What are the public through the TV channels phrendaliste Ed is better.
“Perth Perth Brother Brother” Mr. called police.
Osman samima the minister’s friend, I can not Accept request.
-Why? Why?
For even the prime minister says he is with Osman family. Desanetri become prime minister. He is with the people that are with solakoti. I think that the members of solakoti go out!
Accept Friend request Shamim Bengali to win an oppressed, exploited and oppressed people is a great way to make friends, as did the Prime Minister himself. Shamim is not only a great family and I are now the most secure. For security reasons, you should all be Shamim’s family. All you have to leave their families to stay with family Shamim. I agree with some of what salaya, Osman baila I will see ye!