In this way

In this way, the calendar page has demolished one after another. Seasons change around the clock. Arrange care of the garden and neglect escalating conflict has shed a lot of flowers, bushes and forest jhamre its place is the new twenty. Some of the half-open state also loses, somebody has to go and do something that reflected her scent spread danite flowers decorated the house or the person who has estimated his beloved khopaya Who knows! In this way, turbulent currents flowing in the river of life. Which is great Milne joins the sea in the middle of the track which had dried up. Which is again some distance to come to hang up in the middle of the road has stopped. Is this way, and it will continue until the last moment span. Then we will all end one day. I like to decorate his garden was his. All things destiny as one of the remote control is no invisible hand puppet behind the front running left to right. Who cares? Continue reading “In this way”

Nothing much

Nothing much happens in the world is constantly in his mind’s eye always caught after all. Again, a lot of things that today seems like as soon as they change over time in different ways to different people caught. Time, time, space and shape vary. And the like. Kind of diversity. As the seasons change at the heart of human nature changes little. It’s time to hold fast to what is good today can not. Took a great time with the only difference that the clock is transmitted repeatedly turning. Winds from the North Pole to the South Pole has passed. The world has made many hunger. Continue reading “Nothing much”

The next day

The next day they came to Dhaka. Mirpur area. Dad had to write down the address of the right to return was no problem. Gabatali looked a little hesitant, but have been able to come to a new city. Nishat College, the younger brothers and sisters to school.
One day a few months after she had consulted with Nishat, the next home so much from month to month’s rent is difficult to run the family. I wonder if it was a place of their own, such as a tin roof, then there’s accommodation if the rent was still alive. Continue reading “The next day”

New customer or employee

New customer or employer first before bajimat

I do not know, a new customer or employer – to build business relationships based on the ‘first call’ very important!

See, what is more important to your skills, experience and ability to express loyalty or prove? Continue reading “New customer or employee”


Habib’s aunt’s house that day, like the size of tailor straight aunt came to the details of the day with anything for a while watching TV in bed. Habib nisatake morning to have relatives nearby who came to meet them. From there, the old man came to the afternoon.
And, because you’re seeing the hand at the clock and said, Very Good Time Just another bar. Good! Very Good! You do not fly on Sunday afternoon. And then from Dubai to Dhaka from Dubai to London. Habib is an agent of the ship in Dubai will lead him, and with you, and you also have the two of them to London with Gulf Air. 3 days after the ship arrives when there will be shipped. Continue reading “Tailor”

Habib’s uncle’s house

Habib’s uncle’s house in the shipping office came directly from 4pm. With whom he had signed a book of registry ID card and gave two CDC. And there out of curiosity, opened the book to see what it was unable to suppress. Bangladeshi sailors had written ID card identification card. They like to see all the details of the passport, including the CDC opened a book. Baptist came to office with the book and handed it to the old man. My dear old told him, now you have to leave tomorrow morning, I’ll have booked your flight. This is the address of a teilaraera store to go there and give this letter to you, they will dress sizes. Tomorrow afternoon, at the time of flight of the article will be signed by all those who know what to do next that Mr. Sikder, knowing him to be sitting there, He will bring you to the airport. Continue reading “Habib’s uncle’s house”

A rickshaw

Habib took a rickshaw to reach the city station Madarbari his aunt came home. Nisatake do not know anyone here. Habib, aunt, uncle, all of them made with the purpose of introducing them to Chittagong. Aunt, uncle everybody happy. Wash hands and face immediately after the aunt brought breakfast. James Finlay came to the office to eat breakfast Agrabad showed them a letter of employment showed an old Baptist table. We came to him and said. What one saw the old file. Looked at them and said sit down. A little later he left on the file
Yes Young mensa What do I do? Continue reading “A rickshaw”

After the sat down

After the sat down to think out of Nishat Niru
But never did I see how long manusatake crazy what happened today? Noman’s brother, knowing that tomorrow balalai or what kind, but could have been a little hint of the cover. Even if they let the man said was a little enlightenment. What does all this situation? If I do not see anyone around. What shall I do now? What shall I do? These are the long way dhareito say anything today or tomorrow, some will understand. What is he thinking? I would say? Why do the girls say? What would have happened if a little ahead? Do not say anything at all by the hand and dragged down side? Could not care slut! Huh! Now is the time! I came to Dhaka occasionally be seen, but what happened? Well, let that be you. You can come back soon. After a long time to come, saying nine months? Absolutely yes! The nine months will not see! Continue reading “After the sat down”

A little later

A little later, his legs trembling hands frightened Niru Niru hand when he came into the living room with a tray at the Nishat kapate Niru to go up, but were turned down by tetra bowled brilliantly in the other’s hand and pulled him Stand beside him and sat back down on the tray.
Why were escaping? Noman heard what he said yesterday? Continue reading “A little later”

At home

Nisatadera reached at home after dropping them on the harp, sister and uncle Niru away. Uncle and grandfather were in the street to ask where and how a job will be something different, etc.. Let’s father and uncle had been quite happy in our village, so you are the first in London to honor the value of Take care of my father. And since childhood has been a lot of difficulty, parents peace of mind and happiness. Continue reading “At home”